UMABOT's emotional and intelligent personal robots improve people's lives and freeing of housework.

The emerging robotics technology has brought us so close to the revolutionary edge of families. Personal robots be an essential part of our lives, such as cars and appliances.

Artificial IntelligenceMake Incredible

In environments where robots live with humans and even care for the elderly, robots must be smart enough. Robots should learn to navigate independently through static and dynamic obstacles and capture objects in the right way without destroying them.

Artificial intelligence, especially deep reinforcement learning, does not require traditional robot knowledge. This revolution in controlling robots is just like AI lets AlphaGo win humans without human knowledge of board Go games.

Mechatronics DesignMake awesome

The multidisciplinary branch of engineering that focuses on both electrical and mechanical systems, and computer engineering makes mechatronic engineering as foundation of robotics. By integrate with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, auto-navigation and computer vision, excellent robotics design is made .

With years of experience and technology in the robotics field, the goal is unique design and innovation.

Emotional CommunicationMake Sentient

The robots in the home will interact with humans and become family members, not monotonous machines. Emotional intelligence is an imitation of biology that makes the robot sensitive and warm.

Emotional intelligence design incorporates emotion into the robot – both in detecting and expressing emotions. Detection sources include sound, images, networks and other sensors; expression sources include voice, display, network, robot's arm and head.

Human PriorityMake Enhancing
Health and Safety

Personal robots are consumer goods that accompany families and other places. The consumer health and safety is top priority of the robot design and manufacture.

Personal robots are the human-oriented new generation of robots. Every stage of creating products, services and experiences pays close attention to people's values ​​or characteristics.

our mission

A robot service everyone in every home.



Our technologies and robots accompany people in daily lives and free them from housework, same as home appliances and cars in every home.



People-oriented, respecting everyone from customers, employees, partners and investors, with excellent work, creative technology and effective service.




contributing we provide

Our experienced robotics team is eager to create innovative prototypes, build smart and emotional robots for the market, and support/serve for each family and partners.

Personal Robot R&D

Develop robots and robotic solutions through AI and other cutting-edge technologies to dramatically improve people's daily lives.

Customized Robot Products

The experienced team and our products will help partners quickly bring their new robot products to market with advanced features and design.

Personal Robot Services

The excellent relationships of customers, whether they are business or individual, we take extra care on support and interaction.

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From technical modules to desktop robots to full-size robots, we focus on the exact requirements of the industry and our customers.

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